About us

Campus Norrvalla is a competence center for sports and education maintained by Folkhälsan utbildning Ab and the Municipality of Vörå but several others are contributing as well, Finlands Svenska Idrott (FSI) and the Vaasa Region Sports Academy to mention a few.

In cooperation with Åbo Akademi University and Umeå School of Sports Science at Umeå University and this enable us to offer 25 study credits of Sports Psychology as Open University studies.

At campus general upper secondary education is provided by Vörå samgymnasium-idrottsgymnasium which is the only Swedish upper secondary school specialized in sports in Finland. There is also a general line offering a wide range of courses. At Norrvalla folkhögskola which is a scandinavian Folk High School, vocational upper secondary education is given in the field of sports.

Under the roof of Campus Norrvalla you can also study to become a masseur, Personal Trainer (PT) or licensed nutrition advisor among others. Norrvalla Sports Institute offers a wide range of sports activities, company get-togethers and camps.