Where it all began

It was a warm and sunny afternoon in the end of June 2011 when the Headmaster of Vörå samgymnasium-idrottsgymnasium Christer Simons and the fresh Managing Director of Folkhälsan utbildning Anna Bertills were about to look over potential common assets in their schools. Earlier a discussion about an even wider cooperation had started and that day, in that warm teachers’ lounge in ”Elvigården”, suddenly a question popped ”Why don’t we do more together? Why don’t we create a unique campus? We have all the prerequisites!”. After that question things were accelerating rapidly.

The superiors at the schools, the officers and elected representatives of the municipality and the management of Folkhälsan utbildning were presented a draft on what a campus could look like already in the fall 2011. Finlands Svenska Idrott – the umbrella organization for sports in Swedish in Finland - stood behind the thought of a campus from the very beginning and they were also much involved in the process.

In early spring 2012 the civil servants at the Ministry of Education and Culture were paid a visit for an initial discussion about Campus Norrvalla, to hear their opinion and thoughts about the idea. During fall 2012 a letter of intent between Folkhälsan utbildning and the municipality of Vörå was signed and both parties thouroughly processed the issue in their bodies of decision-making. A unique Swedish-speaking Finnish competence center of sports and education was to be founded in Vörå.

The localities were settled as the real estate company of Norrvalla ”Fastighetsaktiebolaget Norrvalla” for the main building at Norrvalla was founded on 21st of May 2013. During spring it was confirmed that Svenska kulturfonden was going to financially support a project about the activities and substance of Campus Norrvalla and during summer 2013 Anna Pensar was hired as Manager of Development.

Something good has since the start surrounded all planning of campus. A lot fell in place when it comes to education, sports and the future. By fall 2015 it will be concrete reality.

Dreams can take you far – as long as one dare to take them seriously! That is what we did with Campus Norrvalla from the very first beginning.