Here you can get updates on Campus Norrvalla.

22 December 2015
It's quite quiet here at Campus Norrvalla for the moment. All students and some of the personnel are on Christmas holiday and now it's a good time to spend time...
22 December 2014
We wish you a very merry christmas and a successful new year to all of you from all of us at Campus Norrvalla.
22 August 2014
The Pose Method® provides you with over 35 years of experience as well as scientific studies around the world on the subject of motion and kinematics, the (physical) work and the interaction with the human biomechanics – a strong knowledge and skill foundation for your future running career.
20 July 2014
Welcome to Norrvalla and Football Camps with Jan Stahre Academy!
27 June 2014
Welcome to Norrvalla and our big Summer party on Tuesday 1st of July at 2pm-9pm. The children's favourite Arne Alligator, Krista Siegfrids, KAJ, Redrama and Panetoz (SWE) will enter the stage,